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Diffuser - an indispensable accessory for well-groomed hair

Most girls devote a lot of time to their hair. But unfortunately, there is not always enough time to create the desired hairstyle, because it takes at least half an hour to add volume to the hair. A special diffuser nozzle significantly reduces styling time, because you just need to dry your hair and you will be satisfied with the result, as the volume will delight you for a long time.

A diffuser is a hair dryer nozzle that has a very unusual shape. It differs from standard ones by a wide working surface on which special fingers are located through which air is supplied. Due to the size of the nozzle, the hair dries faster and does not receive a strong negative impact. The diffuser not only dries the hair faster, but also provides a gentle scalp massage. If you have curly hair, then you can not do without a diffuser, because it helps to keep the curls, due to the fact that they are fixed on the fingers and do not scatter.

Tips for Choosing a Diffuser

  • the nozzle in diameter should be chosen according to the length and thickness of the hair, because it will take more time to dry thick hair;
  • if you have short hair, then you should choose a nozzle with short spikes and vice versa
  • if you want to give amazing volume to long and thick hair, then pay attention to the supervolume diffuser , with elongated fingers.

How to buy a diffuser in Toofishop?

If you want to buy a diffuser in Toofishop , then first of all, decide which diffuser is right for you. In this section you will find many different diffusers at competitive prices, you just have to add the product to the basket and place an order. You may also be interested in: hair dryers , curling irons , clippers .