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Each master who professionally provides manicure and pedicure services should have a sterilizer for disinfecting instruments . This device should also be in hairdressers. Sterilizer for  manicure tools are especially important to have in beauty salons, where a huge flow of customers and nail files, nightlights, spatulas are used for everyone the same. After all, timely hygienic and preventive procedures help prevent the appearance of fungi and various bacteria and are the guarantor of the good reputation of the salon and the master himself. The use of such equipment as a sterilizer makes it possible to keep the instruments clean all the time. Today it is very easy to buy a high-quality and reliable sterilizer.

In our store you can view a huge selection of this equipment and choose the one that will perform all the functions you need.

What are the types of sterilizers?

All sterilizers differ in the principle of operation and their functionality. The most popular sterilizers:
  • quartz;
  • ultraviolet;
  • ultrasonic;
  • dry heat sterilizers;
  • autoclave.

Quartz sterilizers carry out the processing of instruments, one can say faster than the rest. 20-30 seconds are enough to sterilize instruments. A tool sterilizer is an excellent purchase for salons in which there is a huge flow of customers. Another plus of quartz sterilizers is that they are compact in size. Such a device can simply stand on the master’s table, without requiring additional space and serious maintenance.

Ultrasonic sterilizers are very good at cleaning instruments from contamination. Ultrasonic cleaners can be easily used to clean not only tools, but also milling cutters, nail files and even brushes. UV sterilizer in your  queue allows you to remove dirt and harmful microbes from the devices. UV sterilizers process instruments on average in 40 seconds. In this device, you can process any tools with which you work, due to the fact that the processing temperature is low, the tools will not be damaged and will not pay.

A dry heat sterilizer is a special container in which instruments are exposed to high temperatures due to the fact that hot air circulates in the device. The dry oven serves as the final stage in the processing of tools. Before placing the instruments in the dry heat, it is first necessary to disinfect them in a special solution.

dry heat sterilizer is a container in which instruments are exposed to high temperatures due to the circulation of hot air flow inside the instrument. Sukhozhar serves as the final stage of tool processing. Before sterilization in dry heat, it is recommended to disinfect the working tool by special means.

The autoclave is intended for disinfection and drying of devices. A tool sterilizer is an excellent purchase for salons in which there is a huge flow of customers. Another plus of the autoclave is that they quickly and efficiently sterilize instruments. These sterilizers are the most expensive, but the most effective. The effectiveness of steam sterilization is very high, reliable and guarantees sterility not only on the surface of the device, but also from the inside. Also, the steam sterilizer does not damage appliances.

Which sterilizer is best for manicure tools

Disinfection equipment is selected according to many criteria, for example, from what material the instruments that need to be sterilized are made, where exactly you want to use this or that device. The effectiveness of all devices is completely different, here you need to decide and make the right choice. If you have any difficulties with this, you can call our store and the manager will definitely select a sterilizer for you that will meet all your requirements. Before buying, you should pay attention to such nuances as:

  • ball sterilizer is ideal for fast and high-quality processing of large  the number of instruments, but they must be made only of medical steel, as they can become dull and corrode;
  • dry heat and an autoclave are most needed for large beauty salons, where every day there is a huge flow of customers.
  • UV sterilizers do not sterilize instruments, they keep fixtures clean;
  • if customers are constantly worth paying attention to glasperlen devices - they can work continuously;
  • if you need to sterilize nail files, orange sticks and other instruments not from a medical alloy, you should use an ultrasonic sterilizer ;
  • balls for sterilizers can vary in diameter, they are selected depending on the instruments that are being processed. They need to be replaced every three months;
  • in order for the sterilizer to work for a long time, read the instructions and use it only for its intended purpose;
  • if you buy equipment for yourself, you can choose a budget model. When working in a salon or in a manicure parlor, do not skimp on the purchase, choose a good and high-quality device that will keep your tools constantly clean.

Buy a sterilizer

To buy a sterilizer , you should contact the TUFISHOP online store. We just have a huge selection of various sterilizers and everything for professional sterilization of instruments: disinfectants for instruments, skin disinfection, sterilization containers, craft bags and much more. In order to get the right product, you just need to place an order on our website or visit the showroom in Kyiv. We deliver goods not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. Contact us!
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