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Sterilization container

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Vessels for sterilization

Timely sterilization of manicure instruments is undoubtedly the key to the successful work of the master and, of course, sterilization container good reputation of the salon. The master is obliged to sterilize the instruments after the procedure after each client, for this, of course, you need special equipment and containers for sterilization . Sterilization containers are polymeric containers into which special disinfectant solutions for instruments can be added.

Characteristics of containers for sterilization

The container for disinfection consists of a special body, a tray into which disinfectants are poured, after which the instruments that have already been used are immersed. Also, such containers are equipped with plates that act as a lid. The presence of such a plate allows for complete processing of instruments in solution. The containers have a lid that prevents the master's hands from coming into contact with the solution, such contact can damage the hands during chemical sterilization. The presence of the pallet helps to create the effect of self-draining of the disinfectant solution.

Many people often have questions about how to properly use the sterilization container . Using this container is very simple: you just need to pour a special disinfectant solution into the tank, and then place the tools in it. After the disinfection time has elapsed (the time is usually indicated in the instructions for the product), you just need to get the disinfected manicure tools, and you can safely immerse them in a quartzite sterilizer or dry-heat cabinet . It is also worth noting that if you have carried out pre- sterilization treatment of the instrument, it will not be superfluous to remove the remaining dirt from the instruments using a special brush.

Recommendations for ensuring and maintaining cleanliness in the work of the master
  • all tools and materials are subject to sterilization and disinfection . This must be done in every beauty salon, as well as a manicure parlor, regardless of the number of clients;
  • choose high-quality and proven means for sterilizing instruments . The best disinfectants are on our website;
  • tools should be stored correctly so that they are sterile clean, for this you need to use craft bags or UV sterilizers ;
  • before the procedure, it is worth treating the client's hands with an antiseptic for hands ;
  • no matter what procedures you provide, always wear disposable gloves ;
  • it’s better to get all disposable equipment that can be changed after each client and issued a new one, so it will turn out cheaper and more hygienic;
  • there should always be fresh air in the office;
  • it is necessary to carry out general cleaning in the room every day using disinfectants and detergents.

Why do you need a container for disinfection?

Sterilization container , simply an indispensable attribute in a beauty salon that values \u200b\u200bits reputation, as well as container for sterilization keeps the room clean. Many people wonder how to use such an accessory in professional work? Using the container is quite simple: you just need to pour a pre-prepared disinfectant solution into the tank, and then place the tools that need to be disinfected into it. After the disinfection time has elapsed (usually the exposure time is indicated in the instructions for the product used for disinfection).  All of the above products are of very high quality, they perfectly cope with any dirt on the tools. After the time has elapsed, pull out the instruments and boldly immerse them in the sterilizer . Before immersing the instruments in a liquid, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary cleaning under running water using a brush, so that no keratinized skin particles remain on the instruments. Disinfection containers prevent direct contact of the master with the disinfectant solution , as well as eliminate any risk of contamination of the instrument during this type of sterilization.

Buy a container for disinfection

If you decide to buy a container for sterilizing instruments , you should pay attention to the fact that the product has quality certificates. Disinfection containers in our TUFISHOP online store are characterized by high quality and long service life. They are very careful about the sterilization of manicure instruments. Also in our store you can buy everything for disinfection and sterilization: dry heat sterilizers, craft bags and much more. We deliver goods not only throughout Ukraine, but all over the world.
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