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Removers for pedicure

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Removers for pedicure

You want soft skin on the legs like a child’s, while not putting much effort and diligence into it. There are a number of classic types of pedicure, edged and unedged. When trimmed, the cuticle is cut off, which is dangerous for injury or the growth of infections. Therefore, more and more girls' faces are inclined to unedged pedicure, when the cuticle is treated with a special tool. For an unedged pedicure, a necessary tool will be a pedicure remover .

What is a remuver?

Remover is a special cosmetic product that weakens the skin of the legs. Due to the remover, it is possible to forget about corns, corns and unnecessary cuticles. A variety of acids enter the composition of the remover, and some of them are: tartaric acid, glycolic and hydroxyacetic. Acids penetrate into the skin cells, thereby softening the dead skin the most, while they do almost no harm and unpleasant feelings. In the manicure industry, most often the remover is used to remove the cuticle, since it can be used to make a beautiful manicure .

The subtleties of using pedicure removers

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that removers for manicure and pedicure differ from each other and they should be used only for the right purposes.

  • Do not use the product if the skin is highly susceptible or there are wounds and scratches on it;
  • Do not leave the remover on the skin for longer than the specified time. The instructions must certainly contain the time for which it is possible to leave the remover;
  • Be sure to rinse off the product so that it does not get on the skin of the face.

Unedged care has many positive aspects:

  • Painless procedure;
  • You will not get hurt, and in accordance with this, the threat of infections getting into the wound disappears.
  • It happens that when trimming a manicure-pedicure, the nail bed is injured, which slows down the growth of the nail. In the unedged version, this does not happen in any way.
  • Cuticle remover slows growth in the latter. So with the period, the frequency of the need for the procedure will decrease.

Zemuvers for pedicure The main methods of unedged pedicure:

  • Wet . The cuticle is soaked in warm water, after which it is treated with a cuticle remover. Fragments are shifted to the nail folds with an orange stick.
  • Dry . Remover is applied to dry skin. This method saves time.
  • Hot . This method is good for processing dense rough skins. It is moistened not in water, but in a warm lotion.

How to do an unedged pedicure at home

Instruments :
  1. Remove old nail polish.
  2. Before using the remover, the feet need to be slightly steamed out, in this you will be helped by a pedicure bath .
  3. Remove all calluses and corns from the feet. A pumice stone or laser foot graters can help you with this. Walk in circular motions on the whole foot. Remove large calluses and cracks with tweezers. Apply a scrub to fix the result. Massage them with fingers, the spaces between them and the foot. After the procedure, do not forget to rub the cream into the skin.
  4. At the next stage, we move on to the cuticle and nails. Spread the remover on the feet with a brush or spatula in a thin layer and leave for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Then wash off the remnants of the product with water, and treat the epidermis with a pedicure file .
  6. You will also need gloves for work, since you need to work with the remover only with gloves .

Benefits of using a remover

  • the tool acts only on dead skin cells;
  • slowing down the growth of seals on the foot;
  • the lack of the ability to acquire a microtrauma, as when using the same blade.

Where to buy a pedicure remover?

Modern girls are increasingly using various cosmetic products not only for the skin of the face, but also for the skin of the legs. To keep the skin of the legs soft, clean and smooth, many masters use removers . With this gentle and safe product, feet and pedicures will be perfect. The TUFISHOP online store offers fashionistas a large selection of pedicure removers at a bargain price and excellent quality. In order to buy a remover , you need to place an order on the website or call the numbers indicated above. Also in the TUFISHOP store there is a large selection of gel polishes and nail decor .

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