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Acrygel Saga

Acrygel for nails - an innovative formula

Every day, various novelties appear in the world of the nail industry: amazing decor, high-quality bases, bases, tops and gel polishes that improve the process of creating a manicure. And the development of this field of activity is gaining momentum. Polygel is a material for building and strengthening the nail plate, which has become a favorite of many manicure masters.

Polygel or acrygel is a hybrid of gel and acrylic. This material has no toxic smell and does not contain harmful components. When filing nails with acrylic gel, a dust is generated that is heavier than that of other base materials. Dust from work settles on the table and does not rise into the air, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions for manicure masters and clients. In addition, acrygel does not create harmful fumes during polymerization in a lamp.

Polygel (acrygel) Saga

An innovation in the nail industry, it was a brilliant idea to create something like this. Polygel is a mixture of acrylic and gel, he took only the best qualities of these two materials. Namely, this is strength, not spreading like acrylic, and the function of drying in a UV lamp like a gel. The advantage of acrigel is that it does not have a strong odor. Saga always take care of their customers, safety is paramount, so hypoallergenic components are also included in Poly Gel.

The main advantages of Saga polygel:

  • The polygel is in a convenient container, due to this, the likelihood of overspending of the material is reduced.
  • The Poly Gel formula is unique in that one drop per nail is enough, which is very economical.
  • It has a dense consistency, it is easy to work with it, spread it on the nail, it does not spread.
  • Quite light, which is not felt on the nails.
  • Does not bake during polymerization.
  • No sticky layer.
  • There is no dust when sawing.

Acrylgel is used for:

  • Repair cracked natural nails.
  • Protect your own nails from aggressive substances.
  • Nail extensions of any length.
  • To maintain weak, flaky nails prone to breakage.
  • Fixing the tips of natural long nails.
  • Creation of complex designs on natural or extended nails.

Polygel for nails Poly Gel is necessary:

  • The client has problematic and weak nails, or nails naturally predisposed to a trapezoid shape, but she wants to get an even, thin, heavy-duty and moisture-resistant base for gel polish manicure;
  • For repair of cracks and chips of artificial or natural nails;
  • It is necessary to fix the free edge and the length of the nail;
  • Create a reliable shield from aggressive and negative external influences (constant contact with household chemicals, water, high-quality detergents and other chemicals, etc.);
  • The master especially succeeds in a folding jacket, but I don’t want to waste time, effort and materials on sawing out a smile;
  • Often you have to create designs in the style of a colored or multi-color jacket with gels, but there are no necessary shades of pigments or dyes. The solution is simple: it is possible to mix polygel with any color of gel polish from the master's palette and bring to life the client's various whims;
  • Gel-acrylic is no less pleasant when correcting nails modeled by it. The technique is completely identical to working with gels and acrylics and will not require additional costs from the master both for liquids and for tools and equipment.

Acrygel application technology Saga

  1. Preparation of nails takes place as usual before applying gel or acrylic: polishing the surface with a buff, shaping the free edge of the nail with a file, cleaning the nail surface with a degreaser, applying a primer.
  2. Polygel application: take a small amount of polygel with a spatula, apply it to the nail and model the desired nail architecture with a brush dipped in building fluid. To work with polygel, it is convenient to use a special double-sided brush (brush and spatula 2 in 1). When building nails with acrylic gel, before applying, it is necessary to put forms or tips on the nail.
  3. Cure in a UV/LED 60s, UV 120s lamp.
  4. If necessary, sand and smooth the surface of the nail with an artificial nail file or buff. Clean the surface with a cleaner.

Where to buy Saga Acrygel?

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