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Acrygel ReformA

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77.00  Price 73.15  (Including tax)
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77.00  Price 73.15  (Including tax)
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ReformA acrygel — the best material for extending and strengthening the nail plate

Polygel or in other words acrygel is the latest development in the nail design industry, an artificial material with unique properties for building and strengthening the natural nail plate. In general, nail polygel - is a hybrid of gel and acrylic, which combines only the best features of these two materials.

ReformA polygel has proven itself perfectly as a basic material for extending, modeling and strengthening the nail plate. Already with the first layer it is possible to create a perfectly shaped and proportional nail plate.

ReformA polygel — features and advantages of use

  • Polygel ReformA is hypoallergenic and completely safe for use.
  • ReformA acrygel for nails does not have an irritating, unpleasant odor.
  • Acrygels ReformA does not burn during curing.
  • Acrygel for nails ReformA cures only under UV or LED light, it does not cure in the air.
  • The product is more malleable than acrylic and has no dispersion layer.
  • Wide range and variety of natural shades, from transparent to beige. reforma acrygel colors have a wide range that will allow you to create any style without the use of hybrid varnish, and the highly pigmented formula guarantees durability for up to 3...4 weeks without it fading during use.
  • ReformA acrygel is single-phase and does not require the use of additional nail extension products.

Extension or strengthening of the nail plate with acrygel ReformA — set of materials

When working, a nail technician needs only 2 things:

  • Design fluid is a tool so that the brush does not stick to the material and the shape of the nail can be slowly modeled with your regular tool.
  • UV lamp or UV/LED lamp of no less than 36W to polymerize the acrygel.

Acrygel for nails ReformA — method of application:

  • Polygel ReformA should be applied to a properly prepared nail plate. First, remove the old coating, file and shape your nails, remove the cuticle with an orange stick and a cuticle remover, buff the nails using a buffing block, just to remove the shine, and then disinfect the nail plate.
  • Then apply an acid or acid-free primer and let it dry for 30 seconds.
  • On the prepared nails, use a brush to apply a gel paint in the chosen color.
  • Then create the required design and cure under UV lamp from 60 to 120 seconds and under LED lamp from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Finally, apply top coat and cure under UV or LED lamp. If necessary, remove the sticky layer with a special liquid.
  • Apply cuticle oil.

ReformA acrygel — available online

Correctly shaped and extended nails using ReformA acrygels require a nail stylist with the right level of skill, as well as a high quality of various manicure tools and materials. Polygels of high quality from manufacturer ReformA are now available at the TUFISHOP online store, so any nail stylist has the opportunity to shop from anywhere and enjoy the high quality of the offered items and customer service. It is possible to place an order at any time, so it is a great alternative to traditional shopping.

After ordering from the TUFISHOP online store, it is possible to make payments online: using PayPal and Blue media (BLIK recurring payments; Pay by link; Payment by card; Electronic wallets; Online installments; Recurring payments; Google Pay; Apple Pay; Visa Online transfers). You can also pay by cash on delivery when you select delivery by courier DHL. Be sure to prepare the appropriate amount of money - this will avoid a situation in which the courier will not be able to give you the rest.

Delivery of orders is carried out throughout Poland via:

  • DHL - pickup point from 8,00 PLN, bank transfer from 9,90 PLN, cash on delivery from 11,90 PLN. International DHL delivery from 61 PLN.
  • InPost - pacztomat and courier service (no payment when ordering from 200 PLN), delivery 1-2 days.
  • Poczta Polska - from 10,99 PLN (no payment when ordering from 100 PLN). International delivery from 60,99 PLN.

Long, strong nails will always be the adornment of your hands! Order your favorite shades of ReformA nail acrygels now, pick up at your address in a moment and enjoy your shopping!