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Nail wax

Our hands and nails are the most susceptible to adverse external factors. Harsh chemicals that are used in everyday life when washing dishes and cleaning are not the only source of health problems. Very often, nails are injured by extension procedures and permanent manicure. The cause of all troubles can also be poor-quality decorative varnishes. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, due to fatigue at the end of the working day, elementary care for nails and hand skin goes into the background. The sealing procedure is a great way to breathe life into weakened ends. Wax for nails is endowed with unique useful properties that can restore their healthy shine and strength.

Beeswax is the perfect nail care product.

It should be noted that it does not have medicinal properties. But wax is able to protect nails from external negative factors.

The Japanese manicure procedure is suitable for women and men. Its purpose is to "seal" the nail plates, giving them a natural shine, aesthetic and healthy appearance.
The procedure does not use aggressive substances, synthetic components.

Seal nails with wax

The procedure for sealing nails with wax is capable of:

  • Stop existing delamination by gluing damaged scales;
  • Strengthen the nail plate from the inside thanks to the nutrients in the wax;
  • Ensure the growth of healthy and strong nails due to the effect on the matrix zone.

Japanese manicure - what is it? Japanese manicure is a great alternative to artificial coating and strengthening of nails. The main feature of Japanese manicure is an intensive healing treatment for nails and skin of the hands.

Wax sealing nails is part of the tradition. Two preparations are made from beeswax at once - paste and powder, applied simultaneously, they penetrate deeply into the structure of the nails, exerting their beneficial effect. This excludes any cutting tools that most often lead to mechanical injury. Japanese manicure has the effect of SPA care. And although it is recommended to take a course of several sealing procedures, the visible result is felt after the first one - the nails are covered with a protective gloss. A good master is usually not limited to salon services, but also offers preparations for home care.

Japanese manicure consists of important steps that the master cannot skip:

  1. Nail diagnostics. The specialist evaluates the condition of the nails and selects those components that will eliminate them. For example, lotus seeds, algae, ginseng.
  2. Nail preparation. This stage includes a small massage of the hands and the application of various oils, softening and removal of the cuticle.
  3. Strengthening nails. The master applies a mineral paste with marine vitamins, pearl dust and keratin. This composition fills small cracks on the nails, eliminates irregularities, acts as a kind of shield.
  4. Nail polishing. This is where beeswax is used. It protects nails from the harmful effects of the environment.
  5. Hand care. Perhaps the most enjoyable stage. The master makes a hand massage, after which he applies a soft scrub and moisturizer. In some cases , essential oils may be used .

Procedure results

Nails look as natural as possible. The surface of the nail plates is leveled. The traces of delamination have been eliminated. Japanese manicure will appeal to those who appreciate naturalness and natural beauty. Handles look well-groomed, nails acquire a glossy sheen. Japanese manicure can be carried out after aggressive procedures: this will help restore a healthy look to the nails.

Benefits of Japanese manicure

  • "Sealing" nails in the salon allows you to restore the flawless appearance of the nail plate;

  • The procedure is useful for nails, the plates are saturated with nutrients;

  • The effect lasts up to 3 weeks;

  • Metabolic processes in the nail plate are normalized, their fragility is eliminated.

Buy nail wax

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