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Manicure and pedicure - nail design

A good mood and a constant desire to admire your hands are feelings that are familiar to every girl leaving the salon after a manicure. An original and simply beautiful nail design can emphasize or complement the image of its owner. With the help of modern materials, you can make a simply unreal nail design and turn your nails into real works of art. Gel polish nail design is still one of the favorites, and this is not surprising, because it makes it possible to realize almost any fantasy. 


Monochromatic coatings of any colors look very impressive. Nail designs in the spring, it is better to choose bright and light or delicate beige manicure , which is what girls do, because after a cold winter, I really want something warm. Spring nail design is always very beautiful and gentle. In summer, you can break away and apply the brightest and richest colors of gel polishes . Neon and light shades of gel polish look especially attractive on tanned hands. In winter and autumn, the colors become more restrained, obeying the tone of clothing and the mood of the seasons.

Nail designs

Let's take a closer look at all kinds of the most beloved nail designs that girls choose. We will dwell on each design in more detail and try to determine all the advantages included in this nail design .

Red manicure

Let's start with the classics. Red manicure will always be in fashion and will always look great on the nails. Choose the right, individual shade of red gel polish and create beautiful spring manicure designs with it. The classic red gel polish is suitable for different nail shapes, and it can also be used to make stunning ombre transitions. You can always complement such a manicure with rhinestones or apply neat drawings on your nails.

red manicure

French manicure

French manicure was invented in the USA by Jeff Pink, who was faced with the task of coming up with such a manicure design that would suit different clothes. A distinctive feature of the American jacket was the color: instead of white varnish, beige varnish was used on the tip of the nails . At the peak of its fame, French was most popular among French women. Hence the name - french manicure . French manicure is possible in its classic version, as well as with the use of additional decor in the form of modeling, stones, sparkles and the like.

Matte manicure

Matte manicure has long been loved by everyone and that is why we have included it in our nail design. However, there are many gel polishes on the market and that is why choosing your perfect matte top is quite difficult. The main characteristic when choosing a matte top is its matteness, namely how well this matteness shows up on the nails. So, some tops give an imperceptible glare, while others leave a complete haze. You can choose a good matte top in our store, as we work only with trusted brands. In general, matte manicure always looks very beautiful and impressive. Gel polish designs always look original.

matte nails

Thin lines

Minimalist motifs in manicure are always feminine, subtle and stylish. This manicure uses laconic decor in the form of thin lines and patterns, dot decor, strokes. It is possible to use rhinestones or sequins. Such a manicure is always appropriate and belongs to the category of "universal". You can easily make such a manicure yourself, at home. To do this, you need to buy a manicure kit, which contains a minimum of materials for a beautiful spring manicure.

Gossamer gel

Gossamer gel. A relatively new technique in the world of manicure has already taken a strong position. With the help of this technique, you can create amazing and unique designs. The most important thing is that working with this material is quite simple, a couple of attempts and everything will definitely work out even at home, the gel cobweb is easy to use.

Stickers for nails

Simplifying their work, people come up with unusual, and at the same time, very useful things. Slider design is a prime example. This is a simplified nail design system, an easy way to apply a pattern. Slider are water-based stickers that are easily transferred to the nail. Their advantage is that even an experienced master will not always be able to distinguish between hand-painted and nail stickers.

rub for nails

Rubbing for nails

The variety of rubs for manicure is simply huge, which you can see by going to our nail decor section. One of the most popular manicure rubbing is considered pearl rubbing . Pearls have always been considered something elegant and feminine. Pearl jewelry becomes an excellent addition to both a strict business look and can be a wedding decoration. Pearl effect in manicure is no exception. Manicure with pearl powder is very gentle. And a wide variety of shades of rubbing gives new combinations not only with pastel colors, but also with bright and even dark ones.


Airbrushing is a unique technology for drawing patterns on any surface using an airbrush. Airbrush, in other words - a paint sprayer, is a special pneumatic tool with which you can spray liquid or powder dyes on gel polish. The technique of applying designer patterns on nails using an airbrush can be mastered by every lover of bright manicure, and even more so by a manicure master. The tool is quite simple to use, but, like any novelty, it takes some time to get acquainted with the theory and consolidate it in practice.



Stamping is a method of drawing a picture on the nail plate using special plates, stencils and stamps. This type of nail art is quite popular and in demand. Stamping can be done both in salons and at home. But, nevertheless, in order to achieve the highest quality result, and in order to avoid many mistakes in the stamping technology, it is better to entrust this to professionals.

You can also list a huge number of different nail design novelties , which include: marble manicure, broken glass design, regular cat's eye gel polish, phosphorus rub, various strips for nails, as well as rhinestones, sparkles for nails and broths. 

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