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Silicone cutters

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Silicone manicure polishers

Polishing materials are an integral part of any modern manicure. They are responsible for the aesthetics of the nail plate, performing work at the final stages of the procedure. Manicure polishers are divided into two main types natural and silicone . The latter have a different structure and size. Depending on what structure the silicone cutter for manicure has , its functionality will depend.

Silicone is a soft, elastic, durable material that provides safe grinding and polishing of the nail plate. Silicone router bits can vary in size and structure. Products with a more grainy surface are suitable for polishing nails, and with fine particles - for final polishing.

Silicone cutter for manicure is made of silicone with the addition of abrasive particles. This technology leads to the fact that such a cutter wears evenly. The top layer of the nozzle is regularly transformed due to the fact that the abrasive gradually crumbles and the silicone is erased along with it. Pleasant and pliable silicone treats the nail that requires delicacy without injury. In addition, silicone nozzles for the milling cutter are used in hardware pedicure, because due to the flexibility the material moves smoothly over the moistened skin of the feet and does not overheat. This enables the specialist to serve the client with maximum comfort for both.

Classification of silicone cutters for manicure

The main thing you need to know about, all cutters have a standard size and fit any manicure router . Silicone “grinders” for manicure are distinguished by the shape and color that is displayed around the metal tail of the nozzle:

  • White. Super-fine caps that work well on sensitive skin.
  • Red. Cutters with fine abrasiveness are suitable for delicate polishing of the nail.
  • Blue. With medium hardness, the artificial nail coating is polished at the final stages of processing.
  • Greens. With increased rigidity, the tool is used for sawing off a thickened nail and removing the coating.
  • Black. The toughest nozzles. They are effective in removing artificial coating and treating rough skin.

Shape of silicone cutters:

  • sharp cone - smaller and narrower than the previous shape. Also, it will treat hard-to-reach places. It is convenient to polish small nails with similar sizes;
  • a cone is a round shape that tapers at the base. It will help to polish the entire surface of the nail plate, even in hard-to-reach places in the corner near the cuticle. Suitable for more work
  • bullet - in contrast to the conical, has a rounded base. Suitable for processing large areas of the surface: big toes, long or extended fingernails.

In order for the cutters to serve for a long time and not cause trouble to either the master or the client, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for their use:

  • Be sure to treat the tool and the work surface (nails and skin around) with disinfectants.
  • Do not use too high a speed of rotation of the cutters in the machine. In this way, you can avoid cuts, abrasions and injuries.
  • The cuticle should be properly processed from left to right, “putting” the cutter parallel to the nail plate.
  • Apply force when exposed to the nail, you can only silicone cutters. Pressure on the insert with steel or other tools is fraught with damage.
  • In order not to bend the nozzle and damage the bit holder , do not apply pressure on the handle.
  • It is necessary to change the nozzle according to the instructions.
  • All cutters require storage in a case, especially after disinfection. It will protect the devices from dust, damage and moisture.

How to buy silicone cutters

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