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Tungsten cutters

Tungsten cutter for manicure

Hardware manicure has won the love of many people, because the result is not just perfect, but unsurpassed. In this procedure, not only the professionalism and skill of the nail specialist are important, but also the device itself and the tungsten cutter for manicure , with which you can easily and effectively remove various coatings from the surface of the nails: colored gel polishes, artificial materials gel and acrylic. The advantage of the product is in the material of manufacture: tungsten does not heat up during operation, and its high strength is a guarantee of a long service life without loss of technical characteristics.

Tungsten cutters can be called universal nozzles for processing artificial turf. The tool perfectly cuts the length, performs correction, forms the edge after extension. These nozzles for the milling cutter are used to treat the keratinized skin of the foot. Also, such nozzles have no equal in working with the cuticle and side rollers. It is undesirable to work with them on a natural nail plate due to the high probability of injury.

Tungsten cutters are suitable for hardware manicure and pedicure. Both experienced masters and beginners work with them. The cutter is easy to use. It is necessary to work with such a cutter on the right reverse in order to avoid unpleasant and painful sensations. Its shank is securely fixed in the device, the speed is adjusted to use the tip. Upon completion of a manicure or pedicure , the nozzle must be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. It must be stored in sterile packaging to maintain hygiene.

Due to the different characteristics, the cutter made of tungsten has a different purpose. It can be used for:

  • removal of gel polish;
  • removing rough skin (for pedicure);
  • work with small skin cracks;
  • correction gel or acrylic on the nails.

Characteristics of tungsten cutters

You can buy tungsten cutters for manicure in different variations. Nozzles are selected in several forms, which will allow you to do more work:

  • Cone - serves for grinding nails.
  • Corn - perfectly cut off the thickness of artificial nails, but to use them, the master must have sufficient experience so as not to remove more than necessary.
  • Bullet - in contrast to the conical, has a rounded base. Suitable for processing large areas of the surface: big toes, long or extended fingernails.

In order for the nozzle to work accurately and not injure the nail, skin, its abrasiveness can be selected in accordance with the type of work. The tool comes with fine and medium hardness, which are indicated by colored stripes. The softest are marked with a yellow stripe. This is followed by - red, blue, green and the strongest - black.

Cutter size specifications:

The diameter of the tungsten cutter is 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. In this size, she gently works with the nail in the process of manicure and pedicure.


You can also sterilize cutters in several ways:

  • In an autoclave with hot steam.
  • In a dry-heat cabinet, when the sterilization process takes place under the influence of high temperatures.
  • With the help of special solutions. Such solutions intended for sterilization are sold mainly in concentrated form, therefore, before use, they must be diluted in strict accordance with the instructions.

How to buy tungsten cutters

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