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Glitter gels

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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)
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Price 33.80  (Including tax)

Glitter gels - sparkling manicure

Glitters give the nails a slight shine. Multicolored nail glitter allows you to effectively change your manicure, add shine and uniqueness to it. Even the most austere nail stylization will acquire a festive and elegant character if it is interspersed with brilliant motifs. Consider the types of reflective glitter microparticles and familiarize yourself with the options for their use in manicure. a unique gel with built-in glitter and glitter that will give your nails character and magical shine in any UV/LED styling. Artistic particles shimmering in the light are small pearls on the nails.
In everyday life, every woman craves a sense of celebration and luxury.  New and so unusual glitter gels have burst into the world of the nail industry. It is this type of nail gel that will give girls a playful mood and shine.  What are glitter gels?  Glitter gels are gels for modeling nails or drawing patterns that contain both small glitter particles and large ones.  To date, glitter nail gels are considered one of the most popular types of gels, because with their irresistible gloss, nails attract the attention of others and create an expensive manicure look.

What are the types of glitter gels?

In the art of manicure, this option is available in the form of a transparent varnish with lots of sparkles.  It is very easy to apply, just apply with a brush on the nail.  The only drawback is the low density of effervescent particles.  If you want to increase it, you need to paint over the empty spaces with a brush.  The varnish base is colored and transparent.  The advantage of the latter is that by applying it to any color you will get a new, effective solution.

FOX Glitter Gel is an innovative nail styling gel that contains sparkly glitters and hexagons to create an elegant sparkle.  Used for decorative coatings.  Thanks to the thick consistency, FOX Glitter Gel is easy to apply and spreads evenly on the nail plate.

Starlet glitter gel is a modeling gel, perfect for those who care not only about the beautiful shape of their nails, but also about a stylish gloss.

Canni glitter gel is a decorative gel designed for nail styling or varnishing.

Adore Glitter Gel is a nail gel that is perfect for creating decorations on nails.  This gel is not suitable for building!  Adore Glitter Gel has a gel polish-like consistency and is suitable for complete nail coverage.

PNB glitter gel is a gel paste that is used to draw patterns or completely cover the nail plate.  Glitter-gel PNB has a thick consistency.

There are many types of glitter gels. Each of them has a different texture, texture and has a different purpose.  Since each glitter gel manufacturer produces a collection of gels in different colors, you can create and combine the design you need.

There are many types of glitter gels.  Each of them has a different texture, texture and has a different purpose.  Since each glitter gel manufacturer produces a collection of gels in different colors, you can create and combine the design you need.

Advantages and features of manicure with glitter gels:

  • Due to the optimal density, glitter gels are quite economically consumed.  A small jar of gel will last a long time!
  • With glitter in gel you will create unique and individual decorations on your nails.
  • Glitter-gel does not contain harmful substances that cause allergies.
  • Advanced technology, easy to use and durable to wear.
  • Can be combined with other types of decorations.

How to apply glitter gel:

Glitter is not a cosmetic product for professional use, so mastering the rules of handling reflective elements will not be difficult. Much depends on the type of material. 
If you choose a liquid consistency, simply spread the product on the nail plate and obtain the required density of microparticle distribution:

  • if you want the glitter to completely cover the nail;
  • with a brush from a bottle, apply several layers of glossy varnish;
  • if you need a single presence, one layer is enough.


  1. The first thing to do is thoroughly clean the nail plate with a dehydrator.
  2. After pushing back the cuticles with an orange stick or pusher.
  3. Give your nails the desired length.
  4. Then apply a base gel and dry for 1-2 minutes with a UV lamp.
  5. Using a brush, apply the gel on the base.  Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. Then apply a layer of top coat.  Dry in a UV lamp for 3 minutes.
  7. Remove the sticky layer with glue remover.

Where to buy glitter nail gels?

Do you want to buy glitter nail gels?  Then the TUFISHOP online store is at your disposal or visit our store in Poland in Warsaw.
Do you dream of an extraordinary and original manicure?  The Tufishop online store has everything you need to create a chic manicure!  Thanks to the decorative glitter gel, the nails will not only emphasize your image, but also create a festive mood.  Indeed, thanks to the fact that the gel contains a lot of particles, the nails shine like precious stones.  You can buy high-quality and inexpensive glitter nail gel in our salon or order delivery throughout Ukraine.  The website also presents: nail gel polishes, building gels and polymerization lamps. We work only with trusted suppliers, thanks to which all products are of high quality.  To order a product, enter the product you are interested in on the website or visit our showroom in Warsaw.  Call us, we are waiting for you!

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