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Gas-liquid peeling

Gas-liquid peeling

Gas-liquid peeling is a non-contact procedure in which the impact occurs with the help of compressed gas and liquid in the form of a therapeutic solution. This procedure allows not only to well even out the skin tone and cleanse it, but also to introduce the necessary vitamins and minerals into the skin. Peeling is carried out using a gas-liquid peeling apparatus which guarantees comprehensive skin care and rejuvenation. Cosmetic devices have different configurations, which determine which procedures can be performed:

  • peeling;
  • non-injection mesotherapy;
  • jet lifting;
  • ultraphonophoresis;
  • acid therapy;
  • lymphatic drainage massage.

What is gas-liquid peeling?

The gas-liquid peeling procedure itself is considered a kind of breakthrough among cosmetic methods for improving the skin without surgery. Cosmetology devices , which are designed using the most innovative materials, allow not only to carry out a superficial massage and skin tightening, but also to adjust the depth of exposure to the products.

Gas-liquid peeling is a process of both mechanical and thermal effects on the skin, facilitates easy removal of dead epidermal cells, as well as excellent skin hydration. It is worth noting that this procedure can be performed not only on the face, but also on any part of the body. It will be very useful to carry out a peeling before visiting a solarium or a trip to the sea, this will make it possible to get an even tan. One of the most important advantages of this method is that the procedure is completely painless and you can immediately return to your daily activities after it.

How is the procedure

Before the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin of makeup. After, the beautician begins to gradually treat the skin, during which the patient feels the cool effect of the mixture of gas and therapeutic solution. Peeling can be done at any time of the year. The duration of the procedure depends on the treated area, on average, the duration of the action is 10-25 minutes. Gas-liquid peeling of the face can be compared in effectiveness with lymphatic drainage massage . The master determines the depth and duration of the procedure individually for each client. The course of procedures also depends on individual characteristics and ranges from 4 to 10 sessions. Like any cosmetic procedure, gas-liquid lifting has its own indications and contraindications.

  • flabbiness and aging of the skin;
  • the presence of deep wrinkles;
  • noticeable bags under the eyes;
  • severe acne;
  • hair loss;
  • uneven facial skin;
  • dull complexion;
  • the presence of cellulite.
  • chronic dermatological diseases;
  • infections that affect the skin;
  • diseases of ENT organs;
  • vascular and heart diseases;
  • oncology;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • hypersensitivity to administered drugs.

gas-liquid peeling How to choose a device for gas-liquid peeling?

Cosmetological devices for gas-liquid peeling differ from each other in the number of functions, the country of origin and, of course, technical characteristics. There are single-function devices in which there is only the function of gas-liquid peeling , and there are also cosmetic combines with a wide range of other methods. In multifunctional devices , all methods are combined that complement each other and are great for complex therapy, where each procedure increases the effect of the previous one.

An oxygen peeling machine should be chosen based on the number of clients who visit the office, as well as on the equipment that is already available.

In our store, you can buy gas-liquid peeling at an affordable price. The most important advantage of choosing cosmetology equipment in our store is that it meets all European standards. It will last a very long time, as it has its own special advantages and guarantees:

  • sterility and safety during the procedure;
  • painlessness of influence;
  • proven effectiveness;
  • fast and visible results.

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