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Hydrodermabrasion is one of the new technologies in cosmetology, it is also called vacuum hydropeeling . The procedure combines crystal- free microdermabrasion and the effects of special antioxidant-based serums, combined with a vacuum.

This procedure has a number of advantages and can easily compete with similar procedures for the championship. Vacuum hydropeeling can be used for all skin types, even for sensitive ones. The procedure is carried out completely comfortably for the client, it is painless and does not cause redness, irritation on the skin, does not tighten it and does not dry.

The main difference between hydrodermabrasion is that when performing the procedure, crystals are not used for exfoliation. Instead, they use special disposable nozzles that have a special shape. This ensures a high level of antiseptic. Different abrasiveness of the nozzles allows the specialist to perform procedures not only with the face but also with the body. During the procedure, serums containing antioxidants, as well as cleansing and anti-inflammatory components are successively applied to cleansed skin. Active hydration of the skin during the procedure is one of the important differences between hydropeeling and other methods of skin renewal through dermabrasion.

Vacuum action on the skin helps to deeply cleanse it, and this process stimulates microcirculation and thus the metabolic process in the skin, improves tone, has a lifting effect and provides lymphatic drainage. It is also worth noting such an advantage as the ability to regulate the level of vacuum during the procedure, efficiency and safety depend on this factor.

Hydrodermabrasion combines several complementary technologies, due to which the result can be seen immediately after the first procedure. This makes it possible to carry out the hydro-peeling procedure as an express procedure. However, to get an ideal result, you need to complete a course, which consists of 6-8 procedures.

Advantages of hydropeeling:
  • minimum time for the procedure, on average it will take 15-20 minutes;
  • lack of a rehabilitation period;
  • suitable for any type of skin;
  • actively moisturizes the skin;
  • comprehensively affects all levels of the tissue;
  • this procedure can be combined with other methods;
  • enhances the effect of cosmetic products;
  • no age restrictions;
  • can be done regardless of the season.

Hydrodermabrasion pros and cons

Like all procedures that are performed in beauty parlors, the hydropeeling procedure has its own contraindications.

In what cases it is not necessary to do hydrodermabrasion:
  • in violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • in the presence of multiple nevi, papillomas, warts;
  • with herpes in the acute stage;
  • severe acne;
  • sunburn;
  • in the presence of eczema, psoriasis in the affected area;
  • diabetes mellitus type I;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

That's all the contraindications to this procedure. But there will be much more advantages after the procedure:

  • the relief of the skin will even out;
  • see how the skin tightens after the first procedure;
  • complexion will improve;
  • the skin is deeply cleansed and perfectly moisturized;
  • you will notice that the skin will become more youthful and toned.

The effectiveness of vacuum hydropeeling has been clinically proven in correcting age-related changes, pigmentation, enlarged pores, eliminating dehydration of the skin, its pollution and dull color, in the treatment of acne, post-acne and hyperkeratosis.

Hydrodermabrasion devices

The device of vacuum hydropeeling is presented on our website. It is of high quality, and most importantly, it can be used to organize complex care for the skin of the face and body as part of the following procedures:

  • peeling;
  • deep hydration;
  • vacuum massage;
  • fight against minor cosmetic defects;
  • skin rejuvenation.

The high efficiency of the hydro-peeling apparatus is based on the use of three methods of exposure - mechanical exfoliation, the use of solutions and vacuum massage. Together, they heal and rejuvenate the skin, relieving it of the signs of aging. It is also worth adding that all hydro- peeling devices on our website are equipped with various nozzles, with which you can work with different areas.

Advantages of using the device:
  • it is absolutely safe for health;
  • has a minimum of contraindications for use;
  • painless injections;
  • lack of traces of therapy;
  • fast visible result;
  • long service life of the device.

It is easy to buy a vacuum hydropeeling device in Kiev , you just need to contact our Tufishop store. All our products are of high quality and have a long service life, as we work only with trusted suppliers. You can also buy equipment for cosmetologists from us: magnifying lamps , tools, cosmetic trolleys , cosmetic lasers , cosmetic combines and more. Delivery in Kiev is carried out by courier or you can pick up the selected product from our store. Contact us, we are waiting for you.

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