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Couch covers

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Couch covers

Each person needs to relax and enjoy serenity, for this there are SPA-salons and couch covers beauty centers. In order to make the client feel cozy and comfortable, couch covers are used in the salons. A cover is a soft fabric that covers a couch or massage table . In addition to comfort, covers are also used for hygiene and sterility of the body. The cover on the massage table is all stitched with an elastic band, due to which it is easily put on the table and fixed. Also, the cover can be easily removed and can be washed or cleaned. Thanks to the cover , the client will enjoy the procedure, and the master will be able to work productively and efficiently.

Case types
  • Terry cover - has a large pile, thanks to which it is very soft and comfortable for the client. Most often, such a cover is used in VIP salons.
  • Velor cover - soft to the touch and pleasant to the client's body. Absorbs moisture quickly.
  • Fabric ordinary cover - this type of cover is used not only in salons, but also in medical institutions.

How to choose the right couch cover

  1. It is best if only natural materials are included in the cover.
  2. The cover must be on an elastic band
  3. The size of the cover must be selected according to the size of the couch or massage table

How to choose a massage table

How to make the right choice when buying a massage table , here are a few points that you should pay attention to.

The type of massage chair and the nature of its use. First of all, you need to decide what the massage table will be used for. For home use or travel to clients, you will need a folding massage table , but for use in the salon, it is best to purchase a stationary table . If you will use the couch only for massage, then it would be better to give preference to single-section models. But if you still want to use it for other purposes, such as cosmetic procedures, it is best to buy a two or three section table.

Product weight and dimensions. The optimal width of the table is not less than 60 cm, and even a little more is better. If the table is narrow, it is unlikely that your client will be comfortable during the procedure. In turn, the length should be at least 2 meters. A table with such dimensions can be bought both folding and stationary. If you plan to buy a portable table, make sure that it is not too heavy, the optimal weight for it is 20 kg. A lot of manufacturers are trying to reduce the weight of the couches.

couch covers Height. Usually, this indicator fluctuates in the range of 60-80 cm. The wider this range, the more convenient it will be to work. There are different mechanisms for adjusting the height of the couches. You can look at them on our website and choose the right one.

Material. It is desirable that the upholstery be made of high quality leatherette - this material is very easy to clean. Cloth upholstery is impractical and unhygienic. The frame of the massage table can be either aluminum or wood. Naturally, tables with a wooden base will be heavier. The couches are filled mainly with synthetic materials. For a massage table, a dense, elastic filler is preferable.

Convenience. Massage is a procedure where the client wants to completely relax and unwind. He needs to be comfortable and at ease. The convenience that depends on the massage table lies in the following indicators: adjustable headrest, armrests, face hole. There are even special massage jars for pregnant women - they have holes for the abdomen and chest.

Types of couches

Stationary couches. These couches are usually not expensive. Mostly in mechanical couches, a wooden or metal base. Often a variety of couches, masters choose according to the design of their office. There are couches with 2 sections and there are couches with 3 sections, where you can adjust the height of the backrest and the foot of the chair. In addition, this group mechanical couches we can attribute folding massage tables .

Quite often, such tables can be seen in beauty parlors, in which there is not much space. Couches such as massage tables - not bulky and take up very little space, easy to fold. To date, such tables have become even more functional: manufacturers have added a new function, such as raising the back of the table, which significantly improves the work of the beautician, and also provides comfort to the client. couch covers

Hydraulic couches - this kind of newer couches. These couches are produced - only on a metal basis. Hydraulic couches can also have two or three sections, manual lifting is possible, but lifting brings great convenience beauty couch using a hydraulic lift. The only thing a specialist needs in order to raise the couch is to press the pedal.

Electric couches. These couches are the most expensive, but there is a reason for that. The couches have a special electric drive with which you can raise the chair in all directions. But the most important thing is that you can change the position of the chair without the slightest inconvenience for the client. Electric couches have a different number of motors.

Where to buy a couch cover?

The website of the TUFISHOP online store presents a large selection of couch covers at a bargain price and high quality. Covers are available in different fabrics, colors and sizes. It is easy to buy a case , for this you just need to call us at the numbers indicated above or place an order on the website. In addition to covers for couches, there are covers for manicure and pedicure baths . Also in assortment there are couches at reasonable prices. The TUFISHOP store has a huge selection of products for the body and face .

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