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Cartridge (cassette) wax makers

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Price 29.90  (Including tax)
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Price 29.90  (Including tax)
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29.90  Price 25.42  (Including tax)
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Voskoplava cartridge

Waxing is an effective and very popular way to remove excess hair. Smooth and delicate skin without irritation is due to high-quality waxes and preparations supporting the depilation procedure. All girls dream of smooth legs without exception. In order to get rid of unwanted hair qualitatively and for a long time - it is worth using wax for depilation. In order for the procedure and in general to be successful, you need to purchase all the necessary materials and tools. One of the most important attributes of waxing is the melting of the wax. If you want to carry out the depilation treatment yourself at home, the wax in the cartridge will be the perfect purchase for you.
Waxing is needed to get rid of unwanted hair and skin. A cassette melter is one of the types of devices that is designed to melt wax. PThe depilatory wax heater is placed inside the wax generator. The woskoplav cassette is easy to use, thanks to its great functionality, you can not only perform high-quality hair removal, but also save time. The wax heater has a compact size, making it convenient to transport.

Advantages of cartridge (cassette) melters

The wax heater on a roll  is a bargain. Because it combines many different positive qualities. If you add up all the advantages that people say about cartridge waxes, you can safely call them one of the main helpers in creating beauty.

  • these waxes are suitable for all types of waxes in a 100 ml cartridge;
  • any standard cassette (cartridge) with a wide or narrow shaft can be placed in the heater;
  • you can buy wax for two cassettes (refills), ideal for professional use at home;
  • fast heating time of 20-25 minutes;
  • compact size;
  • evenly heats the wax;
  • designed from high-quality plastic;
  • the temperature in the wax melter is maintained throughout the working process;
  • there is a heating indicator button on each melter;
  • almost all wax manufacturers have a transparent window through which wax residues can be seen;
  • the voskoplav cartridge (cartridge) works from a standard outlet and does not take up much space, which is very convenient and practical;

Woskoplav cartridge how to use?

  1. The wax heater roll  is placed in the depilatory wax cartridge. If the cartridge is new, remove the protective film. Voskoplav joins the network and after 20-25 minutes the wax will be heated.
  2. When the time is up and the wax is well heated, unplug the wax heater from the mains. Before depilation on the legs, they must be degreased and excess moisture removed, for this purpose, agents are used before depilation.
  3. Turn the wax upside down and hold for a few seconds to allow the wax to set, then run a strip about 10 cm long along the leg, which is pulled along the growth of the hair. After treating one area, you need to apply wax, in no case should you put it down, because the wax will flow out and stain everything that is possible.
  4. A strip of depilatory fabric is applied to the applied strip with wax, it must be pressed well with your hand so that the hair fits tighter.
  5. Then, grab the lower edge of the strip and pull firmly against hair growth. In this case, you need to pull not up, but along the skin. If hair remains, the procedure must be repeated. If the wax remains at the edges, stick the same strip on it and pull out all the hair again.
  6. Then take the wax and repeat the points above.
  7. After the treatment, the wax cartridge should be cleaned of the wax drops remaining on it, thanks to which it will last much longer.

If the wax suddenly cools down, it can be reapplied for warming up and continue the treatment. After depilation, the skin should be wiped with a depilatory preparation to soothe the skin.

If you applied wax, then the strip, but it does not peel off, the wax just reaches for it - this indicates that the leather was wet. It is best to leave the area to cool, if the effect is the same, the wax will need to be removed with oil and the area well sprinkled with talcum powder.

The first epilation sessions will take a long time, but once you get the hang of it, the procedure will be quick and you will enjoy the effect for several weeks.

Where to buy cartridge wax?

Want to buy cartridge wax machines? Then the TUFISHOP online store is at your disposal or visit our store in Poland in Warsaw. If you want to buy hot melt wax in a cartridge, please contact our online store TUFISHOP. We have a huge selection of different melted waxes with different application properties and at different prices. If you still cannot decide on the choice of one of the best cartridge melters that will fully meet your needs, our managers will help you with this. Spatulas, various depilatory waxes, disposable products, depilatory paper and much more are always available. We work only with trusted suppliers, thanks to which all products are of high quality. To order a product, enter the product you are interested in on the website or visit our showroom in Warsaw. Call us, we are waiting for you!

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