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For those girls who prefer to get rid of unwanted body hair using depilation or shugaring , a special tool has been created - talc for depilation. Naturally, in addition to it, there are a huge number of special tools that are used before and after the depilation procedure. Talc for depilation - is intended for high-quality preparation of the skin for the procedure of hair removal.

How does talc for depilation work?

All talcs presented on our website are able to absorb the remnants of cosmetics, and also create a protective layer on the skin, protecting it from irritation and inflammation. Thanks to talc , it is possible to ensure maximum adhesion of wax or sugar paste to the skin. Some of the talcs presented on our website contain menthol, which gives a feeling of coolness and freshness to the skin, and also reduces pain.

This tool will help you just perfectly carry out the procedure, namely:

  • will make it possible to prepare the skin for the procedure with both waxing and shugaring, and will also contribute to the successful completion of the procedure;
  • talcs do not contain zinc oxide, so they do not irritate the skin;
  • have a unique absorbent capacity and are used to quickly dry the skin during depilation of delicate areas.

Talc or powder?

Very often, cosmetic talc is confused with baby powder. What is the difference between these two means?

Cosmetic talc is used in cosmetology and is intended for use during the depilation procedure. The quality of this tool depends on the color and degree of grinding, white talc is considered the best. The grinding should be fine, so it is in better contact with the skin, which guarantees a quality procedure.

In turn, as an ordinary baby powder, it is used, so to speak, for medicinal purposes, namely, it prevents abrasions on the skin, especially in young children. Baby powder copes with its duties, it absorbs moisture and prevents diaper rash in children, but it is not recommended to use it as a cosmetic product for depilation . Baby powder contains various components that can only reduce the adhesion of the wax to the hairs. Also, the powder may contain aromatic substances. For those with sensitive skin, this powder should not be used.

When carrying out depilation , you need to use only cosmetic talc . It is very easy to spread over the skin, while guaranteeing a high adhesion of the wax to the hairs. It is used for depilation of such areas as: armpits, bikini, upper thighs, as well as on the face. Talc instantly absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry.

It is also worth noting that talc plays a protective function. Since it is an intermediate link between leather and wax. Due to this, it protects the skin from thermal effects, especially if hot wax is used to remove hair. During the sugaring procedure, sugar paste does not stick if a thin layer of talc is applied to the surface of the skin.

What kind of talc can be bought on our website?

We offer a huge number of different cosmetic talcs from different manufacturers: Cannaan, Danins, Gloria, ITAL WAX, TERRA.

Talc ITAL WAX - has a unique absorbent ability, is used to quickly dry the skin during depilation. Due to the fact that it contains menthol, it pleasantly cools the skin.

Cannaan talc for sugaring is used before the hair removal procedure. It protects the skin from heat and irritation. Due to the fact that it effectively absorbs excess of any moisture, the adhesion of the wax to the hairs improves.

Terra Sugaring Talc is a depilatory product that will help protect the skin from irritation. Sugaring powder will ensure the adhesion of the paste to the hairs, absorbs excess moisture well, which will reduce the time of the procedure.

Danins Talc creates a protective coating on the skin that protects the skin from heat. Sugaring talc makes the skin softer, eliminates irritation and redness of the skin, protects the skin from damage. The product is economical to use and securely closes. This product is suitable for both professional and home use. The product is made from natural microcrystalline 100% talc, which does not cause allergies.

What is the result of using talc for depilation?

Depilatory talc, such brands as (ITAL WAX, Cannaan, Gloria) will make the depilation procedure completely ideal and effective. The beauty of your skin after the depilation procedure using all the necessary products will delight you for a long time. You can always buy all the materials and tools for the depilation or shugaring procedure on our TUFISHOP website: wax makers , disposable products , spatula , depilation paper and much more.

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