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Gels before depilation

Everyone knows that more than one depilation procedure does not pass without the use of additional means: gels, creams, lotions. We would like to introduce you to such a tool as pre-depilation gel , which is used before the procedure. All the gels provided on our website are of high quality and reliable, they simply perfectly prepare the skin for the depilation procedure. All depilatory gels contain useful and nutritious substances that guarantee deep hydration of the skin, as well as nourish and protect it. Gels before depilation degrease and soften the skin, while making the depilation procedure painless and effective. All gels are very effective and suitable for all skin types.

What is included in the depilatory gels?

Often, depilatory gels include components such as:

  • chamomile extracts, rutin and phenylethyl alcohol - have a powerful anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect;
  • tea tree oils - give the skin a slight cooling effect;
  • also some gels include natural tannins, which have a local anesthetic effect;
  • components of allantoin and d-panthenol preserve the skin very carefully;
  • menthol - has a pleasant cooling effect.

How to use depilatory gels?

Using a cotton pad or napkins , apply a small amount of gel, gently rub over the skin until completely absorbed.

What type of hair removal to choose if doing this for the first time?

Sooner or later, the problem of unwanted hair occurs in every girl, and requires an immediate solution. Today there are just a huge number of ways to solve this problem. Each girl chooses the way that is more convenient for her. Let's see how you can remove unwanted body hairs. The most popular methods of depilation include: shaving, depilatory creams, wax strips, using an epilator. These are the ways that you can find advertising on every TV channel.

A razor is the easiest way to remove hair, but daily use of such a device can cause a lot of discomfort: irritation, redness of the skin, the appearance of a rash or small pimples. Which suggests that you will need to refrain from repeating the procedure until the skin recovers. This method is not suitable for everyone.

Depilatory creams in advertising remove hairs in a few seconds, in real life everything can be the other way around. You can buy a cream that is not suitable for your skin type, as a result of which you can get a simply stunning result, your legs may appear to be bald, as the hairs are not removed evenly.

Epilator - with the help of such a tool, you can remove hairs, usually for two weeks. However, when doing the procedure for the first time, it is worth avoiding epilation in sensitive areas. The sensations will undoubtedly be a little painful, and redness and red dots from the pulled out hairs will certainly remain on the skin. It will take courage and patience to use this instrument for the first time.

The most correct way to remove all unwanted hairs for the first time is to contact a professional master. You can choose the most budget option - wax depilation . This procedure is popular with many girls and women. The main thing is to find a good master who will do everything just perfect. Now there are drugs that reduce pain. Of course, doing the waxing procedure for the first time will be a little scary. But it's worth it. You do not have to worry about the appearance of unwanted hairs, as they will disappear for 3 weeks for sure. Wax depilation can even be done at home, all the materials for this can be bought on our website. But before you do this, you need to watch the training videos so that the procedure is successful.

There is also such a procedure as shugaring , it has the most minimal contraindications, is easy to perform, very effective, does not take much time, it can be carried out on any part of the body. For the first time, this is just perfect. For shugaring , only natural sugar paste is used. After the procedure, there will be no irritation, the skin will turn a little red, but after a couple of hours the redness will subside. It is also worth noting that this procedure is considered less painful than waxing, but it is worth remembering that everyone has their own pain threshold and sensations in everyone can be completely different.

You can find your ideal way of depilation only experimentally, trying different methods and techniques.

Where to order depilatory gel?

If you need depilation products , you just need to contact the TUFISHOP online store. We are always happy to help you with the choice and find the products that you really need. Are you looking for reliable and quality products? Our store is exactly what you need. We have a huge range of tools and materials for the depilation procedure: wax wax, hot wax , spatula , after-procedure products , depilation paper and much more.

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