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Biowave bobbins and tongs

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Eyelash biowave

bobbins for biowave Having beautiful eyelashes is the dream of many girls. Today, there are a huge number of ways to make eyelashes bright and expressive. Curling eyelashes, this procedure is very popular among girls, because it does not harm the cilia and at the same time makes them simply gorgeous. Eyelash curlers are widely used both in professional beauty salons and at home. The use of eyelash bobbins allows you to achieve the effect of beautifully curved eyelashes with a minimum investment of time and material resources. If you do not have free time and financial resources, you can buy eyelash curlers (eyelash curlers) and do it yourself at home.

Biowave is suitable for those who:
  • lashes are very straight. Such eyelashes make the eyes sad and tired. There are cases when too straight eyelashes can scratch the white of the eye. In this case, biowave is simply a necessary procedure;
  • short eyelashes. Having made a biowave of eyelashes, even the shortest ones, visually become longer. And if you also tint such cilia with mascara, the look will generally be fascinating;
  • shaggy eyelashes. Very often, girls are faced with the problem of shaggy eyelashes, some sticking out in one direction, others in the other. You can get rid of this with the help of biowave. All cilia will twist and take on the same look;

Selection Guide

The process of curling eyelashes is very simple. Before you buy bobbins , you need to decide what kind of bobbins to use when curling your eyelashes. When curling eyelashes , first of all, their size and density are taken into account. For short and thin eyelashes, disposable bobbins in the form of a small roller are ideal. Disposable bobbins for short eyelashes differ in size, depending on the length of the eyelashes. For curling thick and long eyelashes, it is better to use rubberized reusable bobbins , which also have different sizes corresponding to the length of the eyelashes. In addition, the most important component of the curling procedure is also the shape of the bobbins. Different types and shapes of bobbins allow you to achieve different degrees of curvature of the curl.

Instructions for using disposable bobbins:

  • First of all, you need to remove makeup;
  • degrease eyelashes with a special tool;
  • comb the cilia using an eyelash brush ;
  • choose the appropriate size of the bobbins;
  • then slightly bend the bobbins giving them the shape of an eyelid;
  • place the bobbin as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes;
  • glue the bobbins. The eyes must be closed;
  • using special sticks for biowave , glue each eyelash, then straighten each one. Make sure that there are no bends and creases, and that all eyelashes along the entire length are glued;
  • then apply a special spread for curling eyelashes, only on the central part of the eyelashes. Leave for 20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Perm

How long does the result last? The result after biowave will undoubtedly please. Eyelashes will be beautifully curled, while everything looks natural and very attractive. Very often, girls ask the question, how long does an eyelash biowave last? As such, there is no answer, since everything depends on the structure of the eyelashes, their thickness, length, how fast they grow. On average, the duration of a biowave is one and a half, two months.

Can the procedure be done at home? To carry out the procedure at home, the first thing you need to buy high-quality products for biowave , so that the result of the procedure pleases. Be sure to study the sequence of the procedure. Put all the necessary materials and tools nearby so as not to be distracted by the search for a particular tool. The process will take a lot of time and patience. Still, it is better to carry out biowave eyelashes in the salon, since it is not very convenient to work with one open eye.

Are there any contraindications to the procedure? This procedure has practically no contraindications. Girls who are prone to allergic reactions need to be careful. Before biowave , it is worth testing for an allergic reaction. It is also not recommended to carry out this procedure for pregnant women.

What is better biowave or lamination? To understand what is best for you, it is better, of course, to do one and the other procedure. Due to lamination, you can strengthen weak cilia, as well as make eyelashes more lush and long. Biowave is more suitable for those who have long thick eyelashes, but at the same time they are straight.

Is it harmful to do eyelash perm? According to professionals, eyelash biowave is absolutely harmless. The only thing that can be is an individual intolerance to the chemical materials that are used during the procedure. Means that are applied to the cilia are hypoallergenic. It is also worth noting that during the procedure, the funds are not applied to the roots of the eyelashes.

How to order bobbins for biowave?

The TUFISHOP online store presents a large assortment of bobbins and other products for eyelash bio-perm ( eyelash bio-perm kits, perm solutions ), as well as eyelash extensions and dyeing. All goods in our store are of high quality and at the same time have an affordable price for everyone. If you cannot determine the product that suits you, our managers will always help you with the choice and select the option that will fully satisfy you. We deliver goods not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

Frequently asked Questions
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